Second Shooting

L e t   m e   b e   y o u r   b i t c h .

I like taking photos at weddings, because it's fun and I'm good at it!  Or good enough.  You can be the judge.  I'm also personable and most couples will be thrilled I took photos at their wedding, along side of you (of course). 

I have shot with several Madison area photographers;  SV Heart Photography, Maureen Cassidy Photography, Laura Zastrow Photography, Ueda Photography and Twig & Olive Photography (but that was a few years ago when they were known as Blue Dandelion Photography).  Ask them about me! 

Typically I get paid $300-500 for a wedding depending on what kind of coverage is needed. But I am easily persuaded and can accommodate most budgets.  Contact me for more information about my availability and rate.

photos taken by SV Heart Photography, Maureen Cassidy and Laura Zastrow

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