M E L I S S A     J E N K I N S     D E S I G N S 

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I’ve loved/needed to express myself through making things with my hands for as long as I can remember. Making has been my therapy, my happy place, my peace of mind - but most importantly, it’s been my favorite way to connect with people.


My Nana taught me to knit in her kitchen, my super hip Gram pulled together outfits with me at the mall, and my Mom encouraged her children’s artistic skills through buying art projects for every birthday & vacation. I fondly remember traveling to northern Wisconsin during the summer - I’d hit up garage sales with my Great Aunt and listen to the gentle, playful way she appreciated nature through her poetry. We’d spend time paddle boating through the lily pads, re-telling old funny stories, eating way too much Health Nut Bread, playing card games, and making Easter eggs or craft projects on her kitchen table. In high school, you could find me and my pals most Friday nights at our local bead store or thrift store, enamored by the colors, styles, textures, & shapes we could use to create unique pieces for our wardrobes. I live(d) for these moments.


I feel very fortunate I had friends and family who encouraged the hobbies I was passionate about as a child and young adult by also being interested in those same things. Raising a little one myself, I’ve found a deeper appreciation for the ability to find things to become excited about together. I can’t wait to share my excitement for making & exploring the arts with my little guy. And for him to grow into his own person; to see what passions he has that we can throw ourselves into together. 

You can find Melissa's work on instagram here AND you can purchase her creations here.

If you would like to learn more or be apart of my artist series, email me at nicolehansenphotography@gmail.com