M a d e l e i n e    P a r k e r    P o t t e r y

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I began throwing in high school. I wasn't a natural, but I was in love so I couldn't stay away. I would stay after school to utilize the ceramics department. To this day I'm still learning and growing in my technique. I'm very thankful for the Midwest Clay Project's community. It's inspiring to see what other makers create and how their take on the whole clay process evolves. We all start with the same ball of clay, but what mesmerizes me is how there are hundreds of different outcomes by the end of the process.


In general, my favorite vessels to throw are simple cylinder vases. There is something about being able to put flowers and plants in pieces that bring life to the art. I think I'll continue to make pieces for plants for awhile.



I'm currently working on making vases with the female body on it, boobs, belly button, and pubes included! It started from a friend asking for a pot with boobs on it. I remember thinking I had to hide the pot from other studio members just in case they would be shocked or tell me it was offensive. I personally didn't find it offensive, but felt vulnerable making the pieces publicly. It dawned on me that I felt insecure about my own body. The project of making these vases has helped me become confident and secure in my own features. It's humbling to hear that these pieces have also served as a representation of body empowerment for other woman. I like to think that we're on this journey together, I too have felt the pains of body shame. I no longer keep the making process for these babes private!

You can find Madeleine's work on instagram here AND you can purchase her creations here.

If you would like to learn more or be apart of my artist series, email me at nicolehansenphotography@gmail.com