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When you walk into our house you’ll see a mishmash of collections - art (most local), black and white patterns, artifacts, and other odds and ends. It’s a direct reflection of what I create in my own artwork, including a healthy mix of creativity, intuition, curiosity, and bold blacks and whites.


The things we collect are daily reminders of what we value, what fascinate us, and what motivates us.  We like to put our family treasures out on display, and in the same way I share my love of nature, wildness and self-awareness in my woodcuts.


I really believe that being in touch with curiosity and your own sense of creativity are change makers in disguise. I’d like everyone to reclaim those childhood states of creation - full of possibility and those timeless moments of watching the natural world with wonder and awe. Somewhere along our journey into adulthood we’re taught to do things a certain way - you must become a hyper specialist and to hide away your ideas if they are too eccentric.  Quite simply all that I am ( artist, mother, friend, etc)  would like to spit in the face of those notions. Many of these culturally accepted beliefs are too limiting, so part of my exploration as an artist and teacher is to broaden those horizons by cultivating both curiosity and creativity.


I decided when I was in eighth grade that being an artist was what I really wanted to do because creativity saved my life. I went through a period of time where I was sexually abused and creating art was my therapy and outlet for working through those experiences and learning about myself. It might seem crazy to be thankful for having to go through that, but I am because it has given me knowledge and skills to help people find that home within themselves. If there is one piece of advice I could give and that my artwork also whispers it’s: Don’t resist the darkness, don’t fear the bad stuff, let it wash over you and find a way to let it become the fuel to propel you forward. Or in words greater than my own “To make the darkness conscious is to turn the shadow into light”- Teal Scott


You can find my work locally at Communication in Madison, Common Ground- Middleton and JNJ Craftworks in Verona.

You can also  find Sara's work on instagram here AND you can check out her website here.

If you would like to learn more or be apart of my artist series, email me at nicolehansenphotography@gmail.com






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