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Ever since the magical day in kindergarten, where I sat in my little apron with two plates of finger paints and mixed red and white together and got pink..I was in love with art. At least that's my earliest memory of falling fairy tale hard for something. 


I've been painting, drawing and creating ever since. For me, the act of creating, of being an artist isn't a hobby or something I do for "fun". It's like breathing for me. If I disconnect myself from it for any amount of time I get quite anxious. Like I'm holding back some sort of energy that needs to be released. I've learned to always embrace this creative prompt, no matter what medium I choose to use.


My work is a mix of contemporary meets traditional. Be it gouache landscape paintings of places I've traveled, portraits of dogs (I'm a proud momma to a beagle and a fox found), illustrations of whimsy or my embroidered pieces, each of these speak to an element of who I am as an artist. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of embellishing my work as well. Whether its gold leaf, Swarovski crystals or metallic inks..I love to give my work a little piece of reflection. After all, each piece I create is a reflection of my time in creating it!

You can find Vicki's work on instagram here AND you can check out her website here.

If you would like to learn more or be apart of my artist series, email me at nicolehansenphotography@gmail.com






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Freelance photographer Nicole Hansen specializes in food, families, portraits and product photography.